Tips For Creating A Home Dance Studio

Whether you are into hip-hop dancing, ballet or something in between, you can easily create a dance studio practice room in your home. All it takes the necessary space (bigger is better) and a determination to give yourself the best possible dance studio where you can do your thing.

Taking the initiative to give yourself your own dancing space at home is a great choice because it will help you to improve your moves. By having this space, you will be more likely to practice regularly, which can only do good things for your dancing.

First, you need to choose the space in your home where you want to do this dance studio transformation. To help you decide, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • How much space do you have available in the space? You need as much room as possible for maximizing your movements and that takes space, space, space.
  • Quiet time needed! In order to be able to concentrate on what you are doing and the form of your moves, stick with an area of your home that is quiet and does not get a lot of outside noise interferance. If you do not have something like this available, then you might need to soundproof the space you decide to use.
  • Privacy is also a must. Just like with the quiet, it is very important that you find a space in your home where you will not have to deal with interruptions from other family members. You need to get completely in the zone, which is why privacy is a must have here.
  • Good lighting. It is best if you can find a room that lets in some natural light so that you'll have a well lit workspace when you are ready to do your dancing. Of course, you can always add some lights to the room if you have to, but do try to get a space with windows.
  • Well-ventilated. If you are doing it right, then your dancing will result in some heart-pumping cardio workout and that can leave you panting and short of breath. For that reason, you need a home dance studio that has some ventilation. This means either a room with a window that you can open for fresh air or a good internal ventilation system.

Now that you know what kind of space that you are looking for, it is probably easier for you to come to a decision as to where exactly you want the studio to be in your home. But finding the perfect space is just the beginning of getting it all set up and perfect for dance practice. Now, it is time to start modifying the space so that it is ready for some serious dancing.

Flooring is important for dancers because something like concrete cement floors or pavement can cause damage to your joints. Instead, opt for hardwood or the cheaper alternative of linoleum to obtain the perfect dance floor in your home studio. You want to stay away from carpet because it is not really easy for people to dance on, especially when it comes time to spin or twirl. It is not a very forgiving surface to work with.

Mirrors on the walls are a staple of pretty much any dance studio and your home studio should be no different. You can find plenty of places that sell dance studio mirrors at a reasonable price. Many of them are not even made of glass, which keeps your costs down to a more reasonable level. And even cheaper are the peel and stick on the wall types of mirrors that some places sell.

For music, you have a few different options. You can just bring in a boombox stereo or an iPod with a docking station. Or, you can do what I like to do and bring in a laptop and some speakers to pump in the tunes for dancing. This can be done real cheap as you can easily find some of the best studio monitors under $200 that give you great sound for your dance music. Now, if you don't want to have that kind of gear, then you can get away with the iPod and docking station, but you'll be amazed at how much those studio monitor speakers pumping the music into the room gets you psyched for dance practice.

Once you take care of all of these things, you should have a home dance studio where you can get to work on those sweet dance moves.